29 June 2021

Better Futures

In this series, our Chair, David Biggs, introduces the seven themes of our new strategy. While we continue providing secure housing for people otherwise priced out of the market, David discusses the s…

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21 June 2021

We're welcoming two new board members

Both Caroline Abomeli and Vipul Thacker bring with them a wealth of experience to further strengthen B3Living’s board.

Caroline is A2Dominion’s communications director and will bring expertise in com…

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09 June 2021

Who's knocking at my door?

“Someone’s knockin’ at my door, somebody’s ringin’ the bell…”

Although it could be the postcode lottery, It’s probably CLC Group. We are working in partnership with CLC to carry out fire safety check…

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01 June 2021

What’s happening in my block?

We’ve arranged for specialist contractors to take an in-depth look at how the walls of your building have been made.

This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. We have planned this work, and it’s par…

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22 May 2021

Crime reduction project leaves Cheshunt residents feeling safer

The pioneering Safer Streets project has made residents feel safer by increasing home security and encouraging community relations.

Those living in two areas of Cheshunt covered by the £821,000 initi…

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