Acuity is calling you - is this legit? What are they after?

Acuity is calling you - is this legit? What are they after?

If you receive a call from a company called Acuity, don’t be alarmed. This is on behalf of B3Living.

This week we are launching our customer satisfaction survey carried out by Acuity, a housing specialist in research studies.

250 customers have been selected at random to receive a call asking for feedback on our customer service. We would like to reassure you that this is a legitimate service and is not for marketing purposes.

Acuity will not ask for your personal information. 

If someone calls asking you to give your personal information, please be vigilant. Click here for more advice on how to avoid coroanvirus scams.

At B3Living, we have a sincere interest in how we are doing, and how we can improve - so your input is essential. Acuity is an independent research company and your comments will be anonymous. Feel free to be honest about your experiences.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Amanda O’Leary at

For details on how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy notice.