Am I getting a refund because of COVID?

Am I getting a refund because of COVID?

If you rent a flat on an estate that we look after - yes.

If you’re a leaseholder, it works slightly differently - click here to find out more.

The ‘Your rent this year’ letter you got in the post includes a breakdown of all your charges. In this breakdown you’ll see a line called ‘COVID discount’.  

The April lockdown did pause our caretaking / housekeeping services for a five-week period, so we will be refunding 10% of your caretaking charge for the year. The easiest way for us to do this is to apply a discount to your charges next year – which means your weekly rent will be slightly lower than normal in 2021-22.

Although other services were affected by the lockdown, we didn’t have to cancel them in the same way as with caretaking. We were able to find different ways to get things done or came back to them later in the year. But we would like to thank our customers for bearing with us while things were disrupted.

We’re also very grateful for our frontline teams who responded to over 900 emergencies during the first lockdown, quickly returned to work when the Government guidance allowed it and cleared our repairs backlog by October.

What about the lockdown now?

We learned a lot and put new things in place after the first lockdown, so most of our teams are still working. But because the Government has asked us to avoid face-to-face contact with people (and because COVID cases in Broxbourne have been high), we’re only coming out for urgent and essential repairs / maintenance. 

BUT if something needs fixing in your home, please still tell us. We’re keeping a log, and we will come out to repair it as soon as the COVID situation improves.

Are you a leaseholder?

You won’t see any COVID discount in your letter this time. This is because final accounts for leaseholders come out in September, after the financial year has ended and we’ve calculated the actual costs for that year. You’ll find out how COVID has affected your charges at that point.

Click here for more information about how leasehold charges work.

Has the pandemic affected your finances?

Going on furlough, losing your job – whatever the reason, you’re not alone if you’re having more trouble with since the pandemic. We know how many people are in the same boat and have prepared advice, resources and support that can help.

The most important thing to do in the first instance is to contact us and tell us about the issues you’re facing.

Fill in the form or, if you prefer, give us a ring on 01992 453700 (press ‘1’ to talk to our Rent team).