Have you got noisy neighbours?

Have you got noisy neighbours?

We know that the impact antisocial behaviour in your neighbourhood or near your home can have, especially in the current circumstances.

We are still committed to tackling serious antisocial behaviour to keep your home and your neighbourhood a safe and pleasant place to be. However, we’ve been receiving a lot of reports about issues which we wouldn’t class as antisocial behaviour. So we thought it may be helpful to clarify the actions B3Living can take and where our interventions would be more limited.

With many people still at home and children not at school, it’s likely that everyone may be hearing:

  • More household noise (such as children playing, home appliances or music).
  • People speaking to one another outside your home.
  • Children playing in external communal areas.
  • Other similar ‘low level’ antisocial behaviour.

This might not what you’re used to, but we wouldn’t view these issues as antisocial behaviour. Sometimes you can resolve issues around noise by talking/contacting your neighbour (if it’s safe to do so) and we’d always recommend this in the first instance.

Although your initial thought might be to contact us for support, we need to be transparent about what we would/wouldn’t have the authority to do. This guide explains where we can help:

 What we can do for you  What we can't do for you
  • Work with the police where a crime is committed or has been reported. 
  • Speak to your neighbours if they are making excessive noise between 11pm and 7am (i.e. playing loud music) and give a verbal and written warning. 
  • For repeated, prolonged reports of excessive noise nuisance at antisocial hours, issue the perpetrator with an Acceptable Behaviour Agreement.  
  • Where severe, criminal antisocial behaviour has taken place, pursue more serious legal action. 
  • Ask your neighbours to stop making typical household noise.
  • Ask that children do not play in external communal areas.
  • Pursue any kind of legal action against people making household noise.
  • Get involved in arguments between neighbours.
  • Take action against someone who is not our tenant.
  • Evict someone for anything but prolonged and serious criminal activity.


Other options available to you
  • Speak to your neighbour politely (whilst maintaining social distancing) or put a polite note through their door if you feel they are making an unreasonable amount of noise. It may be that they’re not aware of the noise level.
  • Report any breaches of social distancing to the police, who should be able to attend and take action.
  • Keep a log of repeated, excessive noise nuisance if it takes place between 11pm and 7am. Please do this for 2 weeks before submitting this to the Neighbourhood Team as we need enough evidence to demonstrate a pattern.
  • Report any criminal activity to the police in the moment, while it’s happening. This will make it much easier for the police / B3Living to pursue further action.
  • Be patient with and tolerant of your neighbours – this is a really tough time for everyone, and they may be struggling with being at home a lot, especially if they have young children.


Please help us in delivering our services effectively to those who need it most by not reporting low-level antisocial behaviour and taking reasonable steps to resolve it yourself wherever possible.