B3Living maintains a high assessment score

B3Living maintains a high assessment score

B3Living has maintained the highest ratings from the Homes and Communities Agency after completing an in depth assessment a part of the rented housing sector regulation.

The assessment looks at all of B3Living’s key documents, procedures and, interviews board members and the executive team, as well as observing B3Living board meetings and the day to day running of the business.

After 2 days of assessments at B3Living the regulators graded them on Governance and Financial viability in which they maintained their highest ratings, G1 and V1.

Joe Chambers, B3Living CEO said: “We’re extremely proud to have maintained our G1 V1 HCA rating after the In depth Assessment in April. This is an endorsement from our regulator indicating that we are a well governed organisation which is financially strong and demonstrates to others we are a good partner and credit worthy. This in turn allows us to get on with our work building and managing homes for our community.”

B3Living was last reviewed in February 2016.