B3Living retains its A3 rating from creditors Moodys

B3Living retains its A3 rating from creditors Moodys

B3Living has retained its A3 (stable) rating from the credit rating agency Moodys after receiving an upgrade last year. 

Alex Shelock, Executive Director (Finance) said: "The rating is a strong endorsement of our financial approach and management. In particular, the report highlights the continued strength of financial performance over recent years and the success of our development programme.

"The score certainly reflects how we are turning our ambitious plans for the future into reality. We have a steadfast commitment to helping solve the local housing crisis; working in partnership with like-minded organisations to develop 800 new homes over seven years in and around Broxbourne.

"At the same time, we will maintain our homes to a high standard, whilst providing our customers with the support they need to live independent lives.

"And we will continue to offer value for money - to reduce our costs and to increase our income - enabling us to sustain growth and deliver efficient and effective services to our customers."

In addition, B3Living has a governance and viability rating of V1G1, the highest possible score from the Regulator of Social Housing.