B3Living statement in response to Grenfell Tower Fire

The thoughts of everyone at B3Living are with those affected by the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in West London

B3Living statement in response to Grenfell Tower Fire

We are aware that our residents may have fire safety concerns following the events. However we want to reassure our residents that we take fire safety very seriously. 

Although the specific cause/s of the Grenfell Tower fire remains to be identified we are aware of the questions being raised around the particular type of external cladding used in the refurbishment.

B3Living have no blocks of flats fitted with the particular type of product used on Grenfell Tower and has only one “tower block” (10 storeys) which has no external cladding.

In recent years 13 of our 363 blocks (2 – 5 storeys) have been fitted with external wall insulation that comprised a rendered external finish, with no air gap behind. The external insulation products fitted on behalf of B3Living were done in accordance with manufacturer’s supervision and comply with Building Regulations.

We have completed up to date fire risk assessments on all of our blocks of flats and communal areas and the actions are monitored and recommendations undertaken based on the risk assessment.  Currently the advice has not changed and subject to risk assessment “stay put” is still the accepted guidance, however if residents feel in danger or unsafe then they should evacuate.

As soon as we are in receipt of more information and advice from ongoing investigations we will act swiftly to implement any additional fire safety recommendations. B3Living regularly work with the local Fire Brigade to review our strategies and practices on a site by site basis.

Further fire safety advice from the London Fire Brigade can be found here

Any residents with specific questions about their properties should contact us via and we will be happy to look into these.