Bridgewater Gardens has been officially launched!

Bridgewater Gardens has been officially launched!

A new development consisting of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments has been officially launched on Friday 22nd January, thanks to a partnership between housing association B3Living, Broxbourne Borough Council and the Homes and Communities Agency.

The former suburban industrial site in Sailsbury Road, next to Rye House train station was transformed into 52 new homes by B3Living, in partnership with architects Rock Townsend and developers, Hill Group.

Steven Tarry, Director of Development at B3Living said: “We set out to create a sustainable development that respects the character of its location but also brings an invigorated built form to the site, creating a sense of place for both residents and passers-by.”

The development features simple, robust detailing and well-proportioned windows that create a high quality, light-filled building that makes the flats and communal areas feel more spacious. Parking facilities are available to residents in a half basement which is below the ground floor entrance level. The concept was to create two buildings which completed the fragmented street frontage of Rye Road and complemented the New River frontage.

Phil Rogers, Director at architecture firm Rock Townsend said: ‘’Our vision and holistic thinking has combined with B3Living’s aspiration and Hill Group’s quality in construction to create an exemplar development that acts as a positive catalyst for change in the area.” Phil Rogers, Director, Rock Townsend.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Mark Mills-Bishop gave a speech at the event, solidifying the partnership between Broxbourne Borough Council and B3Living.

The scheme was developed with a B3Living private investment of circa £8m, supported by funding from the local authority, Broxbourne Borough Council, who contributed just over £1.3m for the build. A further £780,000 was secured in the form of a Homes and Communities Agency government grant.

The site is part of wider Rye Park Plan, conducted by Broxbourne Borough Council and has been a key player in the local regeneration of the existing industrial area into residential properties.