Black History Month: Help us name our latest development

To close Black History Month, we're inviting local people to name our latest development in honour of under-represented groups

Black History Month: Help us name our latest development

We are inviting local people to suggest names for two streets and two buildings on an upcoming development in Cheshunt. We are particularly keen to commemorate people or stories from local black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Nominations are open to all, and names can commemorate people, events, or any other local social history. Suggestions can be sent in via an online form with a simple summary of the story and its connection to the local area.

Please note: B3Living will not be able to accept names of people still living or that have already been used elsewhere, due to rules around street naming.

Steve Woodcock, B3Living’s Chief Executive, said,

“Recently Black History Month has allowed us to reflect on how many stories didn’t make it onto the pages of mainstream history books. We think the same may be true when it comes to the names of developments.

“When it came to finding names for Cheshunt Lakeside, we felt it was right to honour some local stories, or people, who haven’t had that recognition previously.”

The streets and buildings in question will be on the first phase of the new Cheshunt Lakeside development on Delamare Road, Cheshunt. Construction of the 195 homes is due to begin next month and will be complete by 2023.

To suggest a name, click here Nominations close at midnight on Wednesday 11th November.