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Rent a garage

Rent a garage

We have a number of garages that are available for rent.

Garages cost £13.50 per week to rent for a B3Living tenant.  For a non-tenant, the cost is £16.20 per week.

We currently have garages in the following areas:-

  • Cheshunt - Barrow Lane, The Briars, Bury Green Road, Dewhurst Road, Grove House and  Pengelly Close
  • Hoddesdon – Castle Close, Ogard Road, Saffron Close and Stockfield Avenue

To apply please complete an application form. You may email the application form to You are also welcome to print off the application form, fill it in and drop it off to Scania House.

If you have any garage enquiries please contact us on 01992 453 700 or email for more information.

If you already rent a garage and your details change, please tell us. 

To terminate a garage

One week’s notice is required.  Please call us on 01992 453 700 to inform us if you wish to terminate.  You must empty the garage, take a photograph of the garage empty and return the keys one week later to Scania House and fill out a termination form.