Twelve Days of Housing Christmas

Twelve Days of Housing Christmas

Over Christmas I thought I'd write my own version of the 12 days and what I'd like to see for housing in the coming 12 months. I cannot see why all political parties shouldn't be able to agree on these instead of making housing such a political football. That's either as something that is unimportant and therefore doesn't even feature as a top priority for any of the main parties, or does feature but becomes an argument about what to build and/or building for one tenure only; or about the evils of those who live in one type of tenure or another.
None of these arguments can be right and we should stop addressing issues by stereotyping whole groups of people as good/ bad/ scroungers/ hard working/etc. etc.

So here's my Christmas wish list even if it's a little late; Santa please can you arrange it for:

1. All political Parties agree to build homes of all tenures.
2. HAs set their own rents.
3. All parties recognise the importance of supporting vulnerable people
4. All parties recognise the importance of HAs supporting community activity.
5. All parties recognise the importance of helping people into properly paid employment and the role that HAs can and do play in achieving this.
6. Living wage becomes a reality sooner than 2020
7. Govt funding is used to support house building for all tenures.
8. RTB is properly funded without taking money from LAs.
9. All Parties agree on the Importance of the link between housing and health and act accordingly.
10. Housing remains a top political priority.
11. All parties agree that decent housing should be a right for everyone and not a wealth creating commodity.
12. All parties agree to stop demonising social housing tenants and those who need help with housing.

I promise I've been very good!?!? So please Santa...

What would yours 12 wishes be?