We're clamping down on tenancy fraud

We're clamping down on tenancy fraud

With an estimated 2-7% of housing association homes occupied by someone who shouldn’t be living there, we are teaming up with the Hertfordshire Shared Anti-Fraud service (SAFS) to tackle tenancy fraud.

Tenancy fraud covers everything from key selling, where a resident is paid a one off payment to hand over their keys, to subletting where a tenant lets the whole or part of the property without the consent of the homeowner for financial gain.

It also covers application fraud where a tenant provides false or misleading information on their housing application, wrongly claimed succession, where a tenant dies and someone isn’t entitled moves into the property and non-occupation, where the tenant permanently lives at another property.

It has never been more important to tackle this issue, as tenancy fraud is a growing problem across the UK, and is preventing people who are in genuine need of an affordable home from being housed.  Hertfordshire has a huge housing shortage, with 237 families in Broxbourne alone living in temporary accommodation.

We will be holding a key amnesty during March 2017, which gives anyone illegally sub-letting or not occupying their property the chance to hand back their keys without fear of prosecution. Keys can be handed back to the main reception at our offices in Hoddesdon.

For more information of the types of tenancy fraud and how to report it online visit the Hertfordshire County Council report fraud service or call 0300 123 4033.

Alternatively you can report tenancy fraud via our online form.