Who's knocking at my door?

Who's knocking at my door?

“Someone’s knockin’ at my door, somebody’s ringin’ the bell…”

Although it could be the postcode lottery, It’s probably CLC Group. We are working in partnership with CLC to carry out fire safety checks in your home and block over the next few months.

So what does this mean?

If CLC Group knock on your door, please don’t be alarmed. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. Our specialist contractors are helping us maintain high levels of fire safety by checking everything meets regulations to make sure you always feel safe in your home.

How will I know it’s them?

Our contractors from CLC will be carrying ID, a letter from us, and wearing a high vis with a B3Living and CLC logo on at all times. If you have any concerns, please call our repairs team on 01992 453700 before letting anyone you are unsure of inside your home.

What will they be checking?

They will be checking:

  • Loft spaces
  • Smoke detectors
  • Front doors

We may need to take some photos of our inspection for our records, but don't worry - this will strictly be only in the areas we have inspected, nothing else inside your home.

The visit should hopefully be a quick process. However, if there is anything that doesn’t quite meet our regulations, they will need to return at a later date to make sure this is put right.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at any time.