The Local Housing Crisis

Did you know that Broxbourne is in the middle of a housing crisis?

B3Living is working with Broxbourne Borough Council to eradicate homelessness in within the borough.

Hertfordshire has a huge housing shortage and like many parts of the country, people in work are struggling to afford a home to rent or buy. House prices are at there highest, with people living in Hertfordshire needing to earn up to 9 times their salary to afford to buy a home.

Broxbourne currently holds the highest level of homelessness across the whole of Hertfordshire with 237 families living in temporary accommodation.

There has also been an increase of people within the East of England living for longer. The ageing population means that new accessible homes are needed for older residents to live more independently for longer.

Some of the ways we intend to do this are:

  • To build at least 725 new homes across Herfordshire and Essex by 2022
  • We're working to help residents get into work with our employability service
  • We have retirement living all across the borough which helps to promote independent living for longer.