Complaints handling code

To ensure we resolve customer complaints in the best and more efficient way we can, we have carried out a self-assessment against the Housing Ombudsman’s new Complaint Handling Code. The purpose of the assessment is to show where we comply with the code, how we have made improvements, and what we plan to do going forward. For access to our full self-assessment, please click here.

To view a copy of the Housing Ombudsman Complaint code, please click here.

We have summarised some key areas of the code below.

Under the new policy and in compliance with the Housing Ombudsman, we define a complaint as 'an expression of dissatisfaction however made about the standard of service, actions, or lack of action by the organisation, own staff, or those acting on its behalf, affecting an individual resident or group of residents.'

Under the new policy, complaints are dealt with by members of staff that are best placed to deal with them e.g. your repairs complaints will be dealt with by the repairs team. Our Customer Insight Manager supports the process by bringing departments together where necessary to resolve customer complaints.

Our complaints process has two formal stages after the informal stage. The key changes we have made:

  • Stage one of the complaint process is now dealt with in 10 working days from receipt of the complaint (we do still acknowledge within 2 working days). If we can't respond within 10 working days, we will not exceed another 10 working days.
  • Stage two of the complaint process is now dealt with in 20 working days from receipt of the complaint. We will acknowledge the complaint with 2 working days and if we can't respond within 20 working days, we will not exceed another 10 working days.

What are the different ways to make a complaint?

We have tried to make it as easy and as accessible as possible for our customers to make a complaint, this can be done on any of the following channels:

  • online via:

           - our website

           - our myB3living app

           - our live chat

           - social media.

  • by calling us on 01992 453700
  • by emailing
  • by writing to us
  • in person (please make an appointment to do so)

Please note: due to the coronavirus, our office is currently closed. If you would like to make a complaint in person, please let us know so we can make arrangements for this.

If you have any questions about our complaints process, please call Amanda O’Leary (Customer Insight Manager) on 01992 453726 or email

Under the new policy, we ensure:

  • Customers are kept informed and updated during the complaints process.
  • Customers are informed of our position and given a chance to respond and challenge any area of dispute before the final decision.
  • All complaints are logged and formal complaints are acknowledged within two working days.
  • Customers are advised of how to escalate at the end of each complaint stage.
  • We will only extend timescales when we have a good reason and will keep the customer informed when we do so. If we can’t respond in the initial 10 working day timescale, we will let you know as soon as possible. If this is the case, we won’t exceed another 10 working days.