23 March 2020, Financial support for B3Living customers

Coronavirus: don't struggle alone with your rent or energy bills

We appreciate the huge impact coronavirus is having on people’s lives. If this is having an impact on your finances, please don’t keep this to yourself. We’re encouraging our customers to reach out and contact our Income team for support if they need it.

We know that this is a challenging and unpredictable time, and as a result you may find yourself unable to pay all or any of your rent.

It’s really important that you let us know about this so that we can work with you to minimise the impact, treat your case sensitively and either help you make a claim for Universal Credit or arrange a reasonable re-payment plan for when you’re back on your feet.

If you can't get to the post office to top up your gas/electric or to pay your rent, the links below have some more advice:

For other money/debt advice, these charities and services are also offering advice:


Services and groups across Hertfordshire are getting ready to support people affected by the coronavirus. Here are some other places you can go for support:


Contact our Income team


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