Emergencies and repairs

Thank you for bearing with us if we couldn’t come out to fix a problem during lockdown. From June, our staff/contractors will be coming to fix non-urgent repairs in your home.

I’d like to thank you for contacting B3Living by email, or our website, and ask that you continue to do this (unless it’s an emergency). By not calling our switchboard, our staff will be able to continue working away from the office and stay safe. We’ve developed new digital services to help you stay connected with B3Living.

You can call our main landline 01992 453700 if it’s an emergency.

If it isn’t an emergency, the best way to contact us is through our myB3Living app. Through our app you can:

  • Report a repair.
  • Check your balance.
  • Pay your rent / service charges.
  • And more

You can register for an account through our website, or download the app for Apple or Android.

If you, or anyone in your family is in immediate danger – please call the Police (999 for emergencies or 101 for non-emergencies).

You can also log the issue with our Neighbourhood Team through our app and someone will be in touch.

If your query is about noise or other neighbourhood problems, please click here.

Yes – you can request repairs through out new B3Living app. (Click here to log in online, here to download on Apple, here to download on Android)

We would still encourage you to call if it is an emergency. But logging repairs online helps our customer service staff to continue working remotely.

During the lockdown, we were not able to come out for repairs that were not urgent, but we have kept a log of any issues that were reported to us. Please bear with us as we work through this backlog and if it takes longer than normal to book an appointment.

If a member of staff is coming to your home, we will need your help with our health and safety precautions and with social distancing. Click here for more information on what will happen when you book a repair.


Emergency repairs include:

  • Uncontrollable leaks.
  • Complete loss of power.
  • Blocked toilets – if there is only one in your home.
  • Blocked baths, showers, or sinks – if you used a plunger or drain unblocker and haven’t been able to clear it.
  • Issues with heating or hot water.
  • Roof leaks.
  • Making your home secure.

Flowchart showing repairs processWe have completed a thorough risk assessment which you can see here. If someone is coming to visit you, please help us to reduce any risks by:

  • Cleaning any areas they may have to work in before they arrive.
  • Open any internal doors and windows where they need to work.
  • Allowing them to work in the room on their own.
  • Standing 2 metres away at all times

If you’re ringing to book an appointment, please tell us you are self-isolating or shielding.

  • If it isn’t an emergency, we may log the repair but postpone the appointment as a precaution to keep you and our staff safe.
  • If it is an emergency, we’ll talk to you about extra protections we can take.

Safety is always our biggest priority and we will judge each situation on a case by case basis. Where possible, we will try to help you over the phone.

You can also use the form below to let us know you are self-isolating.

I am self-isolating

Our contractor, Oakrays, may contact you to arrange an appointment to visit your home. We fully appreciate that we must all reduce the number of people visiting our home, but these checks are considered essential for your safety.


Gas or fire safety risks are the same regardless of the pandemic. With everyone staying at home it's really important that we continue to check/inspect the equipment in your home.


Gas servicing is a legal requirement, and the Government has confirmed that we must continue to do all necessary checks.

Our contractors have been asked to make every effort to practice social distancing. Oakrays will send you a letter with approx. 10 days notice and will also attempt to call you in advance of your appointment to check your situations and what precautions are needed to keep everyone involved safe.

If, for whatever reason, you feel that you can’t allow someone into your home at this time, you can take the choice to postpone. Because these appointments are important for your safety, we may be in touch periodically to confirm when it would be safe to visit.