B3Living services

Yes, the majority of our staff are working from home.

To reduce the risks to you and to our staff, we will need to postpone some services or do things differently. We are prioritising services that are needed to keep people safe.

Please bear with us while we adapt to the new advice about social distancing, as it may take us longer than usual to respond to queries. Do check our website regularly for updates.

We are still working, but our office in Hoddesdon is now closed to all visitors following the latest advice from the Government.

We are following the advice from the Government very closely, looking at the risks daily. The latest advice (as of 23 March) is for people to stay at home and maintain social distancing.

We’ve limited our services so staff will only come to your home when it’s absolutely necessary. We are working hard to find new ways to deliver our services while following medical advice, but keeping customers and staff safe must be our top priority.

Services that have stopped temporarily

Services that have changed.

Services that are still running as usual.

Home visits to our customers which are not related to repairs.

Standard repairs – but these are likely to take us longer than usual. Please see below.

Maintaining communal grounds and cutting grass.

Standard cleaning in communal areas of general needs blocks.

If you’re supported by our Independent Living services, we will call you rather than coming over to visit.

Where possible, we will give you a call instead of visiting you. If a visit is necessary, this will be postponed.

Caretaking/housekeeping services will cover bin areas across all our estates.

In our Independent Living schemes, we will focus on disinfecting handrails and door handles in communal areas.

Our phone service is now for emergencies only – all other queries should be logged via email or the website.

Responses to general enquiries logged on our website or via email.

Emergency repairs.

We will continue to log all other repairs for future action.



 The advice is changing every day, so please be aware that this information on our services may become out of date. We will update this web page when this happens.

Although we have had to temporarily stop all other caretaking and housekeeping work, we will visit regularly to keep our blocks as safe and hygienic as possible.*

Our staff are still:

  • Disinfecting and cleaning bin rooms.
  • Moving bins and waste out of the bin rooms to make sure bins can be collected and putting the bins back into the bin stores/ rooms once the waste has been collected.
  • Disinfecting communal areas in Independent Living schemes.

Please help us by staying in your home as much as possible and being respectful of communal areas when you have to use them. We need your help to avoid these areas becoming unpleasant for you or your neighbours while we’re unable to deliver our normal service.

One big thing we ask for your help with during this time is that you please don’t leave your rubbish or anything else that could pose a fire risk outside of your door or in communal areas.

As soon as the risk to our staff has gone down, we will resume our usual services.

*Please note: you may live in a block where B3Living does not manage the cleaning and caretaking service and this sits with the third party management company. If this is the case, the arrangements may be different to what we have outlined above.

Please visit our Contact Us page. We are experiencing some disruption to our usual services so if it isn't an emergency repair or other urgent issue, please contact us through our online form rather than over the phone.

With more people at home more of the time, you’re likely to hear increased noise from your neighbours.

Household noise – such as children playing, household appliances being used or music – wouldn’t be considered anti-social behaviour. Please be tolerant and patient with your neighbours whilst we all adjust to these new social distancing measures. Please also be mindful of the noise you and your household are making and the impact it may have on those around you.

If noise is persistent and at antisocial hours (between 11pm and 7am), then we’d recommend that if you feel safe to, you:

  • Speak to your neighbour politely (whilst maintaining a distance of 2 metres), or
  • Put a note through their door asking them to try and minimise their noise, or
  • Keep a log of what noise you’re hearing, and during which times – either in a notebook or you can download the ‘Noise App’ on your phone. Please do this for two weeks before submitting this to our Neighbourhood Team.

At the moment the Neighbourhood Team are focussing on emergency and urgent cases only. It may take us longer than usual to respond, so please bear with us if this is the case.

Fire does not discriminate, and the risks are the same during this period of 'lockdown'.

This is why our operatives and contractors may still need to visit your block to test, service or repair any life-saving systems that are in place (such as fire alarms, emergency lighting, and other similar equipment).

Please help our operatives with their social distancing by keeping at least 2 metres between you at all times.

Fire Risk Assessments

From 6th April onward, we will be carrying out Fire Risk Assessments in all of our blocks of flats.

This involves Fire Risk Assessors surveying the internal and external communal areas. These surveys are potentially life saving, and they are also a legal requirement. 

Fire Risk Assessors will be from a company called Oakleaf. They will all carry ID and a letter of authority from B3Living.