B3Living services

Map of servicesBelow we have set out our plan for reintroducing B3Living services. We will bring back services gradually to make sure we are being as safe as possible. The timescales below are rough guidelines only. Some services may start earlier.

Some services may take longer because of the new health and safety guidelines and several organisations have backlogs as a result of the lockdown, but we do appreciate your patience while we work as quickly and safely as we can.












All our staff are working unless they are unable to work because they are unwell, self-isolating or shielding.

The Government guidelines now allow us to reopen more services, which we will be doing gradually from 26 May onwards. Before we bring back a service, we need to make sure we have completed risk assessments and put safety measures in place.

Please bear with us while we adapt and if it takes longer than usual to fix a problem.


The Government’s advice stresses that social distancing is important and says that we should work from home if we can.

Following this advice, we are not planning to open our offices to visitors in the immediate future.

To find out what we are doing to keep staff and customers safe, click here.

Yes. From 26 May, our caretakers will be delivering a partial cleaning service in our blocks. This service includes:

  • Disinfecting touch points (door handles, entry panels and keypads, lift buttons, handrails, etc).
  • Sweeping and mopping floors.
  • Clearing bin areas.
  • Litter picking.

We expect to be back to our full cleaning service by July, but this will depend upon government advice.

*Please note: you may live in a block where B3Living does not manage the cleaning and caretaking service and this sits with the third party management company. If this is the case, the arrangements may be different to what we have outlined above.

Please keep contacting us online or by email as this helps our staff to continue working remotely. We now have a brand-new app to make it easier for customers to stay connected with us. Find out more about our app here.

With more people at home more of the time, you’re likely to hear increased noise from your neighbours.

Household noise – such as children playing, household appliances being used or music – wouldn’t be considered anti-social behaviour. Please be tolerant and patient with your neighbours whilst we all adjust to these new social distancing measures. Please also be mindful of the noise you and your household are making and the impact it may have on those around you.

If noise is persistent and at antisocial hours (between 11pm and 7am), then we’d recommend that if you feel safe to, you:

  • Speak to your neighbour politely (whilst maintaining a distance of 2 metres), or
  • Put a note through their door asking them to try and minimise their noise, or
  • Keep a log of what noise you’re hearing, and during which times – either in a notebook or you can download the ‘Noise App’ on your phone. Please do this for two weeks before submitting this to our Neighbourhood Team.
  • Report the issue via our app.


Fire does not discriminate, and the risks are the same during this period of 'lockdown'.

This is why our operatives and contractors may still need to visit your block to test, service or repair any life-saving systems that are in place (such as fire alarms, emergency lighting, and other similar equipment).

Please help our operatives with their social distancing by keeping at least 2 metres between you at all times.

Fire Risk Assessments

From 6th April onward, we will be carrying out Fire Risk Assessments in all of our blocks of flats.

This involves Fire Risk Assessors surveying the internal and external communal areas. These surveys are potentially life saving, and they are also a legal requirement. 

Fire Risk Assessors will be from a company called Oakleaf. They will all carry ID and a letter of authority from B3Living.