Major works

(aka Section 20 Consultations)

From time to time, we will need to do major works in your building or on your estate to maintain (and sometimes upgrade) shared facilitiesWhen we do this, you have the right to be consulted. 

This consultation is a legal process known as a Section 20 Notice. There are two stages: 

  • Stage 1: selecting a contractor 
  • Stage 2: getting ready to do the work 

As of September 2020, we’re starting Stage 1 of the consultation process. We are looking for a contractor to work with on several future projects over the next five years (this is called a “qualifying long-term agreement”)There is no cost to you at this stage. 

We’re not looking at specific projects yet, and we may not do any work to your building for some time. But, at this point, you can send in any thoughts you have about our notice or suggest a contractor (more info on this below). You can also be involved in shortlisting / selecting the final contractor – express your interest below. 

The consultation period closes on 23 October 2020 

Button link to online form to send in a question or feedback about the section 20 notice Button link to online form to nominate a contractor Button link to express an interest in reviewing contractor tenders


Frequently asked questions

There is no cost at this pointRight now, this stage of the process is about finding the right contractor to work with.  

You will be consulted again before we start any work that affects you. At that point, we will be able to give you more information about costs, but it may be some time before we’re ready to do this. 

Costs will be different depending on the type of work involved, which will be different from building to building. 

This will vary from estate to estate – and we’re not at that point yet. We haven’t committed to any projects that will affect you yet. 

Right now, we’re looking for the right contractor to work with us on future projects. There are some examples below of the type of work we’re hoping to do (but not all of these will apply to your building). When we’ve gone through this process, we’ll be in touch again to tell you about the specific work we’re hoping to do in your building/estate, but it may be some time before we’re ready to do this. 

  • Fixing roofsgutters and downpipes 
  • Repainting internal shared areas (e.g. hallways, etc) 
  • Replacing windows 
  • Maintaining entrance doors 
  • Fire safety related maintenance 

You should have a say in major projects that may impact on your property. These are: 

  • Long-term agreements with contractors (12 months+), which could involve you paying more than £100 (incl. VAT) in a year for work or a service. 


  • Work to your building that may cost leaseholders £250 or more each (incl. VAT). 

Even if we’re not planning any work to your building at the moment, you have the right to have a say in the contractor we choose. The Section 20 Notice is the formal, legal process we use to consult you. 

At this stage, we’re not consulting on specific projects or buildings – but will do at a later date. Now, you can have your say by: 

  • Suggesting a contractor for us to consider. 
  • Send in your thoughts about our plans. 
  • Be involved in reviewing the tenders  

This is optional. It’s up to you if you want to do any of the above. If you’d like to explore any of these options, please contact us by 23 October 2020. 

Before suggesting a contractor, please make sure they could manage this scale of work. They need to be in good company standing (with references), good financial standing, and have all the relevant qualifications, quality assurances and public liability/other insurance. 

Before we would go through both stages of the process for every individual project. 

Now, we want to be more efficient. Our hope is that by building a closer working partnership with a single contractor, over a longer period, we can get more consistent standards and better value for money for our customers. 

If you received a notice in December 2019, this notice replaces it.