Selling your home

When selling your home its important to make your purchaser aware of the conditions in the lease and all matters affecting the property that you have become aware of during your ownership.

It is important to keep all consultation papers, service charge invoices and other correspondence concerning the management and maintenance of the property. If you fail to divulge information that you are aware of to a prospective purchaser, you may be liable under the terms of your sale contract. 

At the point of sale, your solicitor will contact us requesting an ‘information pack’ about the property, which they may give to the purchaser’s solicitors. This will incur an administration fee of £180.00 + VAT. Once we have received the fee we can then issue the pack.

Under your lease, your solicitor must let us have a copy of the legal documents transferring the lease within 28 days of sale. Until we are notified in writing, demands for service charges and ground rent will still be sent to you after the sale.

Service charges

We do not apportion service charges upon sale as this is the responsibility of your solicitor. Please ensure that your solicitors keep an appropriate amount of money to pay for any future service charge invoices that may be due.

Paying back the Right to Buy discount

If you applied to purchase your home on or after 18th January 2005 the amount of discount repayable will be based on the increase in the sale value of the property since the right to buy sale and the repayment period will be five years.

The five-year repayment period will be calculated as follows:

  • Within Year 1 - Full discount repayable
  • Within Year 2 - Four fifths of the discount is repayable
  • Within Year 3 - Three fifths of the discount is repayable
  • Within Year 4 - Two fifths of the discount is repayable
  • Within Year 5 - One fifth of the discount is repayable
  • After 5 Years - No discount is repayable

Moving in and out checklist:

Careful organisation and forward planning can minimise the stress of moving house. Use our moving checklist with our ‘who to notify’ checklist to guide you through the six weeks leading up to the moving day.