Anti-social behaviour

Remember: if there is a threat to life, or a crime is being committed call 999. 

Sometimes it’s good to talk to people who are annoying you. They may not realise that their behaviour bothers you. Before you call us, try to explain to the person(s) how their behaviour is affecting you. Read our leaflet on Anti Social Behaviour to find out more information.  You can also find out what is anti-social behaviour

Report anti-social behaviour

If the nuisance goes on tell us about it using your online account (download the app on Android, Apple or sign up online).


Hate Crime

Have you been intimidated, harassed, victimised or abused because of who you are or what you believe in? If so, then you are a victim of Hate Crime. You can report it directly to us as we are now a Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre. Call 01992 453 700 or email

Any information you give us will be confidential. If you don't want to give your name you can also give anonymous reports. All hate crime reports go to the local police constabulary and if you give us details then the police can make contact with the victim.

Tenancy Fraud

It is estimated that between 2-7% of housing association or council homes are occupied someone who shouldn’t be living there. That’s just over 300 of our homes which may be occupied by people who don’t have a genuine tenancy.

Tenancy fraud is a big problem across the UK and is preventing people who are in genuine need of an affordable home from being housed.  Hertfordshire has a huge housing shortage, with 237 families in Broxbourne living in temporary accommodation.

What is Tenancy Fraud?

It is the unlawful occupation of social housing and there are many ways it can be committed;

Non-occupation – where the legal occupier is not living in the property and/or is not using the property as their role or principal home

Subletting – where a tenant lets the whole or part of the property without consent and for financial gain

Application fraud – Providing false or misleading information, which includes making a fraudulent application for housing, a fraudulent Right to Buy or Right to Acquire application

Key-Selling – where a resident is paid a one-off fee to hand over their keys

What can you do about it?

Hand your keys back if you know you are illegally living at your address or if you are committing any other types of tenancy fraud listed.

Report fraud to our Neighbourhood Team on 01992 453 700 or email

Or alternatively, you can report it via our online form below.

Tenancy Fraud

E.g. subletting, non-occupation ect.
Please give as much information as you can
If so can you tell us the type, registration and colour?
If so do you know where they work and what hours?
Your details: Name, address, telephone, email address