Anti social behaviour

Sometimes it’s good to talk to people who are annoying you. They may not realise that their behaviour bothers you. Before you call us, try to explain to the person(s) how their behaviour is affecting you. Read our leaflet on Anti Social Behaviour to find out more information.  You can also find out what is anti-social behaviour.


Report anti social behaviour

If the nuisance goes on tell us about it. Phone 01992 453 700.

You can also report anti-social behaviour online.

Remember: if there's a threat to life, or a crime is being committed ring 999.

Hate Crime

Have you been intimidated, harassed, victimised or abused because of who you are or what you believe in? If so, then you are a victim of Hate Crime. You can report it directly to us as we are now a Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre. Call 01992 453 711 / 775 or email:

Any information you give us will be confidential. If you don't want to give your name you can also give anonymous reports. All hate crime reports go to the local police constabulary and if you give us details then the police can make contact with the victim.