Become a tenant

If you want to become a B3Living tenant, you must make an application with your local authority to join the housing register.

If you are already a B3Living tenant and wish to move to another B3Living property, you can do this via mutual exchange, or transfer via the local authority housing transfer list. In order to do this, you will need to:

  1. Make an application to the local authority in which you want to move within and you will be placed on the housing transfer waiting list.
  2. Once you have completed this application and it has been assessed by the local authority, you will be placed on the housing register and be able to express an interest in the properties in which you are eligible for.
  3. If you are successful and are on the top of the waiting list expressing an interest in a property, the local authority will send us your details and we can offer you the property. We may need to check that you can afford your property by completing and considering the affordability assessment.