Change in circumstances

It’s important that you keep us updated on any changes in your circumstances as this could affect the services you receive. What does that include?

  • If anyone has moved in or out of your home (especially if they are joint tenants
  • Changes in your benefits
  • Changes in your employment situation
  • If you have changed your name, e.g. got married
  • If anyone in your household has passed away

Please tell us immediately if anything changes in your household. Call 01992 453 700 or email:

I live by myself in a family house - my children have moved out and my husband left us years ago. I’d heard about the changes to the benefit system and found out that I would lose money because of my spare rooms. I decided I would rather move than be out of pocket. I found someone in a smaller property that I could do a mutual exchange with but I was shocked to find out that because my husband was still listed as a joint tenant, I couldn’t move until he had been served notice and was removed from the tenancy! I just had never thought to tell B3Living that he had moved out. B3Living are helping me through the process to make sure I don’t lose the mutual exchange while the tenancy is being changed into my name.” Waltham Cross resident