Money worries

Advice on how to manage your money, as well as what to do if you are struggling to cope.

Our Income and Welfare team can give you free financial help on:

  • getting the right benefits, and how the changes to Welfare Benefit will affect you
  • budgeting
  • managing debt
  • setting up bank accounts, savings and credit unions
  • making savings on your utility bills
  • filling in application forms

To make an appointment call 0800 107 0713 or 01992 453 700; or email:

Visit the benefits section of this site to find out more about the changes. The Citizens Advice Bureau can also help you with: debt management; benefits; and housing law. We can book you a FREE appointment to meet with one of their advisors. Call us on 01992 453 700 or email

Managing regular payments - Universal Credit is the name of the new monthly payment of benefits and tax credit. If you've never had to manage a monthly budget before why not look into "jam jar" accounts? These are accounts where your money is split between different "jars" to make sure your most important bills get paid automatically. HertSavers Credit Union have their version of a ‘jam jar account’. It is called a Managed Payment Account. There is a £2 per month account fee and a £25 account set-up fee BUT if you set up the account and give us a call we'll pay these for you. 

Basic bank account - If you need a bank account to help you manage your money, but aren't able to get a current account, then why not get a basic bank account? It is designed for people who don’t want an overdraft, or can’t have one. Basic bank accounts don’t have a minimum amount you have to pay in each month, which can be an advantage if you’re on a low income.  Find out more on how to open a basic account.

Loan sharks operate in this area. Have you ever been offered cash without paperwork? Been threatened when you couldn’t pay? Had your bank card or benefits taken from you? Had a loan that keeps growing even though you are making payments? If you answered yes to any of those questions call 0300 555 2222 or email:

HertSavers Credit Union can offer you safe loans and good ways to save money. They are a financial co-operative, owned and controlled by its members with any profits made given back to its membership.

Find our more about our range of payment options, or manage your account online.