Personal or family worries

Don't struggle alone - we can help with depression, grief counselling, parenting support, and addiction.

We can help when you are struggling with:

  • feeling lonely and unsupported;
  • dealing with grief;
  • post-natal illness;
  • drug or alcohol dependency;
  • anger management; and/or
  • managing the kids.

We'll work with other agencies to offer you the support you need. Call us on 01992 453 700 or email

We also fund for a member of the Thriving Families programme to work out of Scania House offering a valuable service to our residents. Thriving Families help support families who are struggling to find work or benefits, their children are not attending school regularly and members of the family are in trouble for criminal behaviour. Any agency or person who knows of a family at risk of losing their home can access this service by calling us on 01992 453 700 or email:

Stop bullying

Family Lives have great online advice on how to help support people or cope with bullying, visit: Or you can call their helpline on 0808 800 2222 for free, confidential advice.

Help with addiction

If you want to change your substance addiction here are some great organisations that can help you: