Moving home

When you are ready to move, use our moving out checklist to help you make sure you haven't forgotten anything.

Can I swap my home?

Housing Association or Council tenants can apply to swap homes, but you must have permission from your landlord before a move is arranged. You can apply for an exchange if you have an Assured/Secure tenancy. To find out more read our leaflet on how to change homes, or you can apply for a mutual exchange by filling in this application form.

Please be aware, if you are on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy or a Starter Tenancy you will not be able to exchange. 

How can I find someone to swap with?

The easiest way to find people looking to swap properties, in any area of the country, is by checking on Or you can contact the Lettings Team on 01992 453 700 for a Homeswapper application form.

Once you have found someone to swap with, let us know through the myB3Living app.

How to become a B3Living tenant

To become one of our tenants you need to be on a housing register. Read our leaflet on how to become a B3Living tenant for more information.