Flexi care and Independent Living

What is Flexi care and floating support?

Flexi-care provides the extra support that you need to live independently.

In a flexi-care retirement housing scheme, you live in a flat with your own front door. You'll have the support of home care and our staff who can offer tailored services to suit your changing needs.

We can also offer floating support to people who want to stay in their current home.

Read our leaflet on Flexi-Care to find our more information.

The benefits of flexi-care housing

Flexi-care schemes are NOT care homes. People who live in our schemes may have little or no regular support needs, while others may need more than 10 hours of care each week.

The advantages are:

  • Your own flat, with your own front door.
  • A range of activities and services provided.
  • You can be as sociable or as private as you like.
  • Couples with different care needs can usually stay together.
  • Housing and care needs can be closely integrated.
  • It is easy to get extra help when you need it without lengthy assessments.

What is engagement support? 

We can also offer a tailored engagement support service to anyone who wants to stay in their current home but needs assistance with daily living tasks. We can offer a lifeline alarm, which is a modern looking unit that can be easily installed in your home. In most cases, we will program this to your existing phone line and it works like a speed dial straight through to a 24-hour emergency call centre. 

The benefits of engagement support

  • It can help you remain in your current home, whilst waiting for a vacancy in a flexi-care scheme. 
  • Hospitalisation and residential care may be avoided by support staff helping you to access the services you need. 
  • It's available to you in a number of different ways, ranging from a weekly visit to a telephone call and will be discussed and agreed on an individual basis. 
  • Can give clients and their families reassurance and peace of mind. 

For more information on our flexi-care schemes visit Hertfordshire County Council's e-marketplace, or call us on:

Hoddesdon & Broxbourne: 01992 620 135

Waltham Cross & Turnford: 01992 715 146

Cheshunt: 01992 468 815

Or email