Report a repair

Keeping you and our trades staff safe is our top priority. So please read our guidelines on make your repair appointment as COVID safe as possible.(Click to expand the diagram)

1. First - is it an emergency?

By this we mean that there is a risk to your safety or security, or a risk of major damage to the property. If you think this might be the case, click here.

2. Check first

Before you report a repair, make sure you know what repairs are your responsibility and where you might get charged.

3. Report it - on your online account

You can report a repair through your online account or through our app (on Android or Apple). Please give as much detail as you can and attach photos. Remember to check your contact details so we can keep in touch with you about your appointment.

4. Let us know - about any COVID symptoms

If you or anyone you live with (or in your bubble) develops symptoms before your appointment, let us know.

You can still have the repair, but we would postpone the appointment. If this happens, ring us as soon as you can on 01992 453700.

If you need to cancel for another reason, that's ok. But please let us know and save us a wasted journey. We do have a 'missed appointment charge' of £20 because of the delay this causes for other customers.

5. On the day - staying safe

We'll text you when we're on our way. Help us to reduce any COVID risks by:

  • Cleaning any areas we may have to work in before we arrive.
  • Opening any internal doors before we arrive and any windows where we will have to work.
  • Allowing us to work in the relevant room on our own.
  • Standing 2 metres away at all times.