Repair responsibilities

B3Living is responsible for most of the repairs to your home, however there are a few areas that you are responsible for maintaining. Check out the full table below. 


 Responsibility  You  B3  Notes  Costs
Breakdown of appliances e.g. cooker, washing machine  tick      
Connecting appliances  tick   We can install an electric cooker. This is a chargeable service if you need B3Living to do it.  £42
Plumbing    tick Priority will depend on issue.  
Clearing a blocked sink  tick   We can clear the blockage for you but this is a chargeable service.  £12.67



 Responsibility  You  B3  Notes  Costs
Replace the toilet seat  tick   We can replace the seat for you but it is a chargeable service  £36.67
Clearing a blocked toilet  tick   We can clear the blockage for you but this is a chargeable service  £37.20
Plumbing    tick Priority will depend on issue.  



 Responsibility  You  B3  Notes  Costs
Boiler service    tick We carry this out annually  
 Heating (including radiators)    tick  All issues should be reported to Oakray 0208 370 4500  



 Responsibility  You  B3  Notes  Costs
Communal doors    tick    
External Door furniture e.g. letterbox, bell, spy hole  tick      
External Doors    tick    
Internal door furniture  tick      
Internal doors    tick    
Renew the cylinder lock to the front or rear door if the key is lost  tick   This is a chargeable service  £36.80



 Responsibility  You  B3  Notes  Costs
Broken windows (glass)  tick   If this is caused through misuse or neglect we will charge you to make this safe.


Windows (handles and hinges)    tick    



 Responsibility  You  B3  Notes  Costs
 Communal lighting    tick  Classed as emergency when all lights are affected. Would be a routine repair if single light.  
Consumables e.g. light bulbs, fuses  tick   Vulnerable tenants may be eligible for help with replacing light bulbs  


Roof & gutters

 Responsibility  You  B3  Notes  Costs
 Roofing and gutters    tick    


Outside areas

 Responsibility  You  B3  Notes  Costs
Garden maintenance  tick   If you have a shared communal garden – your grounds maintenance service charge pays for this service  
Gates and fences    tick    
Sheds (concrete/brick)    tick If the fault is with the lock this is your responsibility  
Sheds (wooden)  tick      



 Responsibility  You  B3  Notes  Costs
Replacing of the garage lock  tick   If you have lost the key or damaged the lock you will be charged for a replacement  £30
Replacing communal keys/fobs  tick   We can replace communal keys but you will be charged  £15



 Responsibility  You  B3  Notes  Costs
Communal decorating    tick Carried out as part of our improvement programme.  
Damage caused by misuse or neglect  tick      
External drainage    tick If the drainage issue is sewage, call Thames Water on 0800 714 614  
Fixtures and fittings supplied B3Living (not toilet seats)    tick    
Internal decoration  tick      
Locked out of property  tick   If you wanted us to gain access to the property for you, we would charge you for the service.   £60.94
Pest control (unless communal)  tick   If not communal, contact Environmental Services  01992 785555   
Plastering    tick    
TV aerial (unless communal)  tick   If the fault is with a communal aerial please contact us  
   If the fault is with communal wiring please contact us   


If you have any questions about this list or are not sure about your responsibilities, please call our repairs team on 01992 453 750 or email: