What we do with your feedback

What is customer insight? 

B3Living defines Customer Insight as the understanding of who our residents are, what are their needs and wants and what they think about us and our services.

We want to understand exactly what is important to our customers and the insight gained helps us to make better decisions.

We are also looking at our purpose as an organisation and that will look in greater detail at the needs of our current and future customers and at our capacity in being able to satisfy their needs.

Who is involved? 

This can vary depending on the type of information that we want to gather, but it is likely the following groups will be involved:

  • Residents and staff
  • Business Improvement
  • Operational teams e.g. repairs, lettings etc.
  • Communications team

How do we gather customer insight? 

We gather customer insight both directly and indirectly via the following:

  • Tenant and resident satisfaction survey (STAR) – carried out in December 2018 – January 2019. We spoke with 520 residents on what was important to them and how satisfied they were with our services. Results to be published.
  • Journey mapping - maps out the experience of our residents with a service.  Between December 2018 – January 2019, we asked 520 residents to describe their repairs, complaints or general enquiry experience with us. Results to be published.
  • Satisfaction surveys - we are in the process of redesigning our satisfaction surveys which will be sent out after a specific service has been used. To start, this will be for our repairs service.
  • Ease and effort scoring – For ASB case services and for customers who have logged a complaint with us. We would like to know how easy or difficult this process was for you.
  • Focus groups - from time to time we like to ask groups of residents to look at a topic with us or service area. We will arrange focus groups to enable most people to attend, this would be around lunchtime or in the evening.
  • In-­depth interviewing - we want to speak to as many of our residents as possible. Where it is not possible for a resident to go to a focus group we will arrange in-depth interviews in person at a convenient location or over the phone.

What do we plan to do in the next 12 months? 

  • Continue to embed Customer Insight
  • Complete service area reviews
  • Complete customer journey mapping and review journey mapping carried out at the start of the year
  • Embed transactional satisfaction surveys
  • Record customer energy in line with our desire to be an organisation that is easy to deal with

How we want residents to help us? 

We want to create a customer insight community that spans wider than the immediate team. Customer Insight touches every area of the business, we all deal with customers and so we will create a community of colleagues and customers that will work together to improve our services and reduce customer energy in the effort to become easier to deal with.  If you would like to be involved, then please email 

Current surveys 

As your landlord, we have a legitimate interest to ask you about our services and find out what your preferences are. Surveys can help us to gather valuable information which can help us to improve the way that we work. To find out more about why we ask for feedback have a look at our privacy notice.

Here is a list of surveys that we are currently running:

  • Digital inclusion telephone survey (run by Lakeland Research on the behalf of B3Living) – The aim of this survey is to find out more about how we communicate with residents, what we do well and what we could improve. As well as questions about how residents access the internet. All feedback is anonymous and confidential and will only be used by B3Living.
  • Service standards online surveys – We are currently reviewing our service standards and want residents to get involved. We will be sending out several different online surveys for each service standard area and get residents to give their feedback. All feedback is anonymous and confidential. On each survey residents will have the opportunity to enter our prize draw to win a free iPad.