How to deal with water leaks?

Find out what to look for and how to deal with an emergency water leak

Leaks are a common household repair, and even small leaks can cause untold damage to your home, your belongings and if you live above someone then damage to their property as well.

Be prepared:

  • Find out where your valve is. This is a valve that controls the supply of water to the house. The location of where it varies from property to property, they are often found under sinks, under stairs, in the downstairs toilet or communal hallway.
  • If you have a newer type kitchen or bathroom a 'Sure Stop' switch will have been fitted that acts as the water stop-cock, it looks like a light switch but it is coloured blue.

What to do in an emergency:

  • Switch off the water at the stop-cock immediately
  • With the stop-cock off turn on the taps in your kitchen and bathroom to drain the system; making sure you don’t leave young children unattended by running water    
  • Switch off your heating and hot water

Can’t turn off the stop-cock?

  • Clear the area around the leak
  • Put a bucket or bowl under the leak
  • Put towels down to absorb as much water as possible
  • If the water is dripping onto electric fittings turn the electricity off at the consumer unit near to the meter

Once you’ve made the area safe call us as soon as possible on 01992 453 750 to report the leak. If this happens out of hours call 0800 111 4484.

Report any loss or damages to your home content insurance provider.