15 September 2021

Fire safety in your home

We often have a lot of queries about fire safety. It’s important you know about the fire safety procedures and what you need to do in a rare event of a fire in or in the building of your home.

If the…

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13 September 2021

We’re connecting homes to fibre broadband

There are going to be contractors working in the walkways, hallways and outside the building. You might hear some drilling noise, but we’ll avoid disturbing you as much as possible. Your internet shou…

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07 September 2021

Quality of homes, estates and life

In this series, our Chair, David Biggs, introduces the seven themes of our new strategy. David outlines why the quality of our homes and remains the top of our agenda.

All our seven themes of Better …

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31 August 2021

Acuity is calling you - is this legit? What are they after?

If you receive a call from a company called Acuity, don’t be alarmed. This is on behalf of B3Living.

This week we are launching our customer satisfaction survey carried out by Acuity, a housing speci…

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25 August 2021

We're recruiting a Sustainability Lead

We're partnering with two other housing associations to offer a fantastic opportunity where you could make a real difference in Hertfordshire and more widely within our sector.

Cutting carbon is one …

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