07 April 2021

Questions answered - leasehold service charges

For all leaseholders, you will now have received your service charge estimates for 2021/22. Since then, we have had a few enquiries about both the Management and Health & Safety fees, so we though…

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31 March 2021

Join our Board

Thanks for thinking of joining our Board. This vacancy has closed now, but please follow us on LinkedIn for future opportunities.

March 2021

You will provide collective and collaborative leadership,…

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15 March 2021

Do you still need a paper rent statement?

As your myB3Living online account gives you access to your balance and transactions whenever you need them, we’re finding that customers don’t need a paper statement as often. It’s also more cost effe…

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03 March 2021

Am I getting a refund because of COVID?

If you rent a flat on an estate that we look after - yes.

If you’re a leaseholder, it works slightly differently - click here to find out more.

The ‘Your rent this year’ letter you got in the post …

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02 March 2021

Why do rents change every year?

Every year things tend to cost a bit more – inflation, materials going up in price, market prices going up, etc.

This means it costs us more to deliver the same services, which is why our charges typ…

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