02 March 2021

How to update your benefits

If benefits pay for your rent, even if only part of it, don’t forget to update the relevant organisations so they know to review your claim. If you don’t do this, you might not receive the right amoun…

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02 March 2021

What's new about your service charges?

Actually, not much.

Things may look quite different this year, but the way you are being charged is the same.

Letters you have had in the past probably looked like this:

This showed your rent, se…

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10 February 2021

Our partnership with Money Advice Unit raises £26,000 in the first four months

We set up a partnership project with the Money Advice Unit run by Hertfordshire County Council in September 2020 to provide a dedicated benefits advice service for our customers. The support on offer …

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05 February 2021

Announcing: The Broxbourne strength-based pilot housing project

It’s always good to see the pieces of a project fall into place, and last week we were very happy to hand over a specially adapted, four-bedroom HMO in #Broxbourne to service provider, Emerging Future…

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02 February 2021

Customers in EN10 postcodes

9 February 2021, Update

Thanks to the quick response to community testing in EN10, lots of people in the area are starting to get their CPVID test results back. If you live in the area:

  • We will be…

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