10 January 2019

We are making changes to our call options

On Monday 14 January we will be making changes to the call options on our main phone line. Currently, when you call us you are presented with 2 options, 1 for Oakray’s and 1 for all other enquiries. W…

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20 November 2018

Steve Woodcock appointed as B3Living's new Chief Executive

Steve Woodcock has been appointed new Chief Executive of B3Living, following the departure of Joe Chambers. 

Steve will be joining the Broxbourne-based housing association from his role as Operations…

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14 November 2018

We want to hear from you

From Monday 19 November we will be asking what you think of our service. 

How it works

We have partnered with TLF, a research agency, who will contact residents on our behalf.  If you have agreed t…

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23 October 2018

We have made changes to the way we process refunds

We have changed the way we process refunds, to stop accounts going into arrears once a refund has been requested.  

Because there is a cost incurred each time a refund is processed, there will now be…

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15 October 2018

The Hub is Broxbourne Foodbank's new Holdbrook distribution centre

Holdbrook Community Hub has welcomed Broxbourne Foodbank to its new base in Waltham Cross.

The change is part of our new Community Sustainability Strategy and its aim to provide accommodation so that…

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